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kmfdm – rebels in kontrol lyrics


“rebels in kontrol”

warrior vagabond legend wh-r-
mother mary underground gutter to the stars
unchained feral cats in heat
just who do you think you are?
rub it up suck it dry dirty
get your hands in make it clean
like phoenix from the flame
rising up lean and mean

rebels in kontrol
live the life we know
don’t second-guess the buckshot
give a d-mn
make the rules up as we go
rebels in kontrol

this is radio kmfdm with breaking news:
kmfdm are in kontrol of all communications media worldwide
all systems have been ripped
the internet has been shut down
all radio and television broadcasting has ceased
the military-industrial complex has surrendered to kmfdm rebel forces

stealth-fighter possessed
animal-instinct at its’ best
black panther shark-skin
natural selection put to the test
birds bees honey in the hive
law of nature call of the wild
in for the kill
dogs in heat
follow the scent
wolves to the feast

made for action built for speed
make no apologies
what you see is what you get
walk through the world with a bullet-proof vest

your political leaders have been detained and are to be tried in kangaroo-courts for their crimes committed against humanity

kã¤pt’n k. is presiding over an emergency session of the u.n. security council in order to instate local interim governments before free and fair elections will be held.

a humane future for the world’s population has begun today.
hasta la victoria siempre



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