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kmx – coming to an end lyrics


verse #1

n-ggas is p-ssy they don’t wanna fight
they all bark without the bite
they like superman cause they was blood yesterday
but now they wanna be kryptonite (crip tonight)
me and jada the best emcees alive probably
i got a few bullets left in the mag
you could take five like the lottery
n-ggas wanna lay me down underground
but i stand up like comedy
i suggest you don’t f-ck with me
cause you’ll be like spongebob and patrick
you’ll live under the sea
i’m not your ordinary rapper
i’m nasty like a contestant on fear factor
i’m from the hood that’s where drugs be getting sold
got a bad grade on my test
i’ve should have cheated like keyshia cole
i could get n-ggas k!lled with the right call
you rap n-ggas bacteria i’m k!lling ya like lysol
i got my groove back like stella
with the ox i’ll give you a buck fifty like a bank teller


i’m coming to an end, realized what i could have been
i’m coming to an end, i never lost control (lost control)

verse #2

n-ggas full of sh-t they lie to your face
i ain’t order no food i got a lot on my plate
life a maze and i’m tryna escape
another day another obstacle i face
i’m just tryna bag hotties drive ferraris
and put out more hits than john gotti
i’ll merk ya, i’m powerful like the silver surfer
i’m a o.g. n-gga like robert de niro
i got spanish guns latino heat like eddie guerrero
out here in queens n-gga we don’t play
i’ll give you the final four like the ncaa
my chrome black like dan glover
i’ll eat you up like supper
tryna make it work in rush hour like chris tucker
i’m blasting you
rip pashad i think about you when i p-ss sanford avenue
this my message to the haters
i keep it real for the fakers
my pockets never empty
i’m filled with more cream than oreo cakesters