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k!ng cxncept – kifayah lyrics


i gave love to people that i probably shouldn’t have

spite is right, and f-ck a giving back

ill live with that

why does and l feel like i done achieve something

chief nothing, keif huffing

kings speech ona beat make a fiend

i keep ear drums buzzing

tunnel vision mental state

trouble level fluctuate

f-ck debt, risk take

whats next, get cake

puff ses, s-x bea

next strain, dende

get it to you 10 ways

ill be back in 10 days

trust me im attentive


its fine, ill watch u rise

ill watch you fall

in the mix of the incline or decline im not involved

words mean nothing and the actions made no noise

do i know if theres a point

bubbles cracking in my joint

bubble hash up in my joint

tell me what it is you want

bring elizabeth and benjamin if you wana talk

ill let you know of a better thing if you wana walk

hustle, no l!cks for the akh

roll piff jot a plot, focus for the top

you got locusts on ya crop

a verse or two, i serve to you, lift off a top

was it not enough

was the love not enough