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koldhardt – girl&white lyrics


i was posted on the frontline
like what you know bout sacrafice?
these n+ggas playing with the gang
so quick, watch a n+gga die
i don’t walk up to no n+gga?
walk him down
i up it with the fye
they love the price

the way i mix it in the bowl
b+tch i’m mr. perfect
watch a junkie hit my line
want to front him percocet
the way this b+tch she suck me up
i’m starting to think she’s worth it
i got these b+tches begging for some lines
grab your purse b+tch
i got that fentanyl
and b+tch i love to ball
b+tch i’m rep
i stand up on my money super tall
they can’t f+ck with me
they hit my telеgram
they want some ecstasy
thеy see i’m having motion so them n+ggas tryna f+ck with me