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kolohe kai – don’t stop the rhythm lyrics


“don’t stop the rhythm”

[verse 1:]
we jamming reggae music around the clock
we sitting and just cruising on my hometown rock

[pre chorus:]
watching the waves
hit our toes in the sand
all the boys that you can have
true kolohe united we stand
to spread our aloha across this land

don’t stop the rhythm
let the rhythm keep pumpin and pumpin
don’t stop the rhythm
my heart is jumpin [x2]

[verse 2:]
irie vibes keep flowing
throughout the air (through out the air)
knowing we’re not going anywhere

[pre chorus:]
pretty girls keep sk-nking on the floor
cause tonights the night you ask for more
jammin this music till the break of dawn
it’s on, carry on carry on


we say
we jamming hard in pakala’s backyard
but everything we did wrong
we will disregard
no more negativity
only positivity
we’ll become reality just you and me
mr reggaeman turn it up
me want fee jam till the sun comes up


don’t stop