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kool & kass – out yo head lyrics


[k-ssa overall]
??? no lo hablo)
p-ssing and running
jumping and shooting
koolin and k-ss
p-ssing and running
jumping and shooting
smoking and drinking
drinking and thinking

[verse 1 – k-ssa]
i’d rather be
out of my mind
optimus prime
shine acidophilus lines
digest me, i&i, elvis presly
i&i, tragic mulatto wesely snipes
flying over your land because common sense revolts at the idea
but still shouts to ikea – pick me up a futon

[hook – kool]
don’t do what they do
do what you do
do what you do
who are they, who are you?
who are they, who are you?
how do you do the things you do?

vaso de ague
vaso de agua

[other hook – all (ft some indigenous arrangement)]
you out yo head, you out yo mind

[verse 2 – tecla]
i’m italian and foodie
i’m haitian and voodoo
you’re fufu, that’s crazy in creole
a n-gga like me, i am voodoo
in america
watch what you do around me
a n-gga like me will karmically deliver your reality
and do it for no salary

balam balam balam
i don’t know how you people learned to be so
violent violent violent
ain’t no matter to me
aa meetings
drug addiction – rehab
drug addiction – relapse
cycle of life
cycle of strife

[hook 2]

pedal power, go take a shower
just give it to me baby
you so dirty but you clean though
i’m not drunk but i might lean though
you no lady, but you fiend hoe(s)
don’t like coffee but you fiend, joe

i’m running and shooting
i’m burning and looting
i’m running and shooting
i’m burning and looting
i’m jesus to judas
i’m jesus to judas
i don’t know

[sample of someone reading invictus]
out of the night that covers me
black as the pit from pole to pole
i thank whatever gods may be
for my unconquerable soul

[hook 2]
you out yo head, you out yo d-mn mind

[same sample of someone reading invictus]
in the fell clutch of circ-mstance
i have not winced nor cried aloud
under the bludgeonings of chance
my head is bl–dy, but unbowed

beyond this place of wrath and tears
looms but the horror of the shade
and yet the menace of the years
finds, and shall find, me unafraid

it matters not how strait the gate
how charged with punishments the scroll
i am the master of my fate:
i am the captain of my soul

give thanks to good most high you know it’s true