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kotzer – out of sight lyrics


talkin’ in the morning, to ya, baby
i don’t know where i been going, lately
slipping in and out of it, tripping over doubts
overthinking, double-taking, i just wanna shout

life got me in a bubble i can’t pop
this bubble got me breathing heavy i can’t stop
each time i try to fight it it just gets worse
me or the bubble, which one will burst first?

i said each time i try fight it it just gets worse
the bubble or myself, which one will burst first
and as i’m strollin’ man i’m trippin’
as i’m rollin’ man i’m hitting the curb

and so i swerve to the left and then i swerve to the right
and there are roadblocks ahead
but unfortunately out of sight

but when i’m not in my bubble man i’m feeling great
floatin’ on the milky way in a silky stasis
polarizing as it is, it is a life i wanna live
without it i got nothin’ i just feel so implosive

so i explode to the heavens and i reach for the stars
and put all my energy into all of my art
life may be difficult as times for sure
just remember all the good times ahead and before

black, black, black, black, fade to black, no
black, black, black, black, fade to black, no
black, black, black, black, fade to black, no
fade to black

perpetually i’m reminiscin’
about my demolition
i use it for my mission, ammunition for my vision
musician visions, deep incisions, i feel and itchin’
the stars across sanctify my wishes and dreams

i hope they listen
i hope they’ve risen above the business and been this companion k!lling the banner of stigma and stickin’ up for the camp that we camp with can’t we be cordial and realize that we’ll inevitably have to turn that me into we

its all out of sight
but its all in my mind