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kraemar16 – the end (staminaraps disstrack) lyrics


[verse 1:]
yo it’s kraemar16 i’m back be k!lling again
mother f+cker i’m gonna be bringing a bit pain
is it true you really named yourself staminaraps
but it sounds like you need an inhaler to rap fast
you made another one but that won’t mean i’ll like it
your own music doesn’t really sound good not one bit
you always say i’m always completing my track last
and that i sacrifice quality so i go fast
when you’re a small artist you should have audacity
to add an instrumental for when you come for me
you didn’t offend me but at least you really tried
and your p+ss disstrack was wack and imma make you cry
and why shouldn’t i never ever react to you
we both know that we both want a lot of youtube viеws
you may take a fraction to make a rap song disstrack
but you always rush it so it will suffer from that
listеn here you f+ckin tw+t you will quit i some time
you say i can not write lyrics that’s wrong i can rhyme
you say that i’m not actually intelligent
you where in set 3 for maths come on be better man
apparently i am unintelligible b+tch
i am the f+cking k!ller to put you in a ditch

[verse 2:]
why the f+ck are you saying speed is irrelevant
when you’re trying to go fast on your 4th f+cking send
you’re say i am worse then revival my eminem
but that whole album went platinum
you say that my survival is lower then crewmates
i’m imposter in electrical decide your fate
on your gaming channel you posted a little vid
of world of warcraft rat kicking someone in the d+ck
now some parts of the second verse are not about you
i got to say you’re the worst member of kraemar crew
say not a hypocrite cause you don’t play among us
you have a gaming channel called dragonblood muntantx
you can’t even f+cking step to me you little b+tch
imma bout to stab a man then put them in a ditch
for ksi the older is a better rapper
but when it’s between me and you it is vice versa
jack you made a video of me mumble rapping
but that was me rapping a mac lethal song chopping
you leave your own youtube channel for 1 or 2 months
and think that you should have more subs ain’t that very dumb
you say that you are a much better rapper then me
then please just make a video to make me believe