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krisiun – ageless venomous lyrics


blackened divinity venomous ancestor
summoned through flames and pain
serpent ent-ty of omens of blood
spew thy scourge upon men

abyssal possessions, chronozonic d-mnation
chaotic spiritual madness
sentinel beast, father or fallen ones
i’m the one embraced by thee

mesmerized darkened spirit
my hands only dripping red
as it rains upon signs
where fiends descend and taste it’s blood

mult-tude of enslaved souls
drifting painful eternally
bl–dy seal, blasphemous oath
hatred works of inferno begotten

pestilential spells into redemption i cast
as its blade struggles my flesh
ravenous venomous eternal hate
surrounding scavengers specters redeemed

come onto me, carry my sorcery
descend embrace my pain
endless twilight feeds my madness
darkness bestowed at the strike of my sword, my sword