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kristin hersh – srb lyrics


head first into the head board
i’m shatter proof
the cranial impact
taps something true
if i could grab your attention
with my styrofoam rattle box
you’d smile away my transgression
and tap something lost

a spitball to the ribcage
my useless heart hit
we’re slap happy the livelong day
neck and neck
if i could grab the man on a street
with my raspy rattled plan
my only personal property
a raspy whispered plan

a bottle green sky
stinging yellow hair
in a dizzy of deviation
giddy in the glare
if i could grab this whirligig
and keep it in my arms
we’d persevere through what is here
and mourn what is gone

a smoker’s gift
and a child’s h-ll
cut through the air
drown out all other sound