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krupps – eggshell lyrics


i live in an eggsh-ll – not as strong as it seems
i protect myself from the world – don’t fit in it’s scheme
my home is unstable – the walls are wearing thin
i break under pressure – but i’m trying to endure within

break the sh-ll – and you will regret it
break the sh-ll – you wish you never did it
break the sh-ll – you won’t like what you see
break the sh-ll – you won’t recognize me

your world around me is cracking my sh-ll
the weight of your problems makes my life h-ll
under the pressure from your house of pain
i choose to live in my sh-ll under strain

i’ve tried to conform – i’ve tried it your way
i’ve tried to conform – live my life day by day
this is my reality – my life is in a sh-ll
this is my heaven – outside is my h-ll

i can’t deny it – i reached my breaking point
i personify it – an eggsh-ll in duress
i can’t deny it – i’m at my limit
i identify with – an eggsh-ll in duress.