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kulprit d – writer’s block: u know i lyrics


let’s do it, man. go-go gadget lyrics

[verse one]
r-t-rds. didn’t know that i still go hard
still be swerving like go karts, hair slicked back like bogart
ya’ll be stale like old farts. and ya’ll be fruity like yo-gart
(huhuh what?)
still got my hand in the cookie jar looking for crumbs of success;
bits and pieces of what might be left for a label to be like, “yes!”
still flow exceedingly well for a cracker
as we all know, color defines a rapper
that’s the impression i get
they act like i wanna be called “m-ssa”
like what would a white boy know about nas?
enough to know not to act like he’s god
and don’t say that i sound like him
same with dre and pac
i appreciate ya’ll think so highly of yourselves
but you can say it when you have a platinum record on your shelf
i came to clean up, so go ahead and grab the mop
i’m the one who put the “truth” in -hip–hop
“umm, i checked, there is no ‘truth’ in ‘hip-hop'”
exactly. that’s why it’s my time so check the wrist watch

and i (ball, ball, ball)
you see me (ball, ball, ball)
still tryna (ball, ball, ball)
how can i not? (ball, ball, ball)

[verse two]
around the corner, we used to get dizzy and dodge cops
with some pad and pen. we called it the writer’s block
we’d say we’d go viral. go toe to toe with wu-tang
but in reality, only two of us do thangs
bru swain, salute, boy. i love your hustle
but kulprit dawg is back. and this time without a muzzle
i’m the giant piece needed in this rap puzzle
but i just wanna rock it. kind of like a shuttle
sometimes i wonder things that are weird
like, “what do i say if god sneezes? and does boof still have a beard?”
but then i snap back and remember while i’m here:
to reaffirm that the consummate emcee has appeared
they ask about the shades, they ask about the chain
where’d it go? man i’m still the same
only a little bit better. instead of pain from the lyrics
the lyrics come from pain

and i (ball, ball, ball)
you know i (ball, ball, ball)
steady tryna (ball, ball, ball)
always gonna (ball, ball, ball)