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kult ov azazel – the plague of humanity lyrics


your holy cross steeped in falsity
deceptive manipulation, crush your trinity
coerced enslavement by anguish and through terror
curse the god you worship, smash your divinity

gutting religious heritage
dissecting virtues of god
severing sinews of christ
from a dead society

lulled into obedience
led by fear and lies
forced into submission
servitude without examination
chained to the gates of heaven
a will-less worthless creature
break the restraints of dominance
the blind lead no more

denial spoken
chains are broken
rebuked doctrine

shrines to ash
gutting religious heritage
religion to dust
gutting religious heritage

watch the heavenly host crumble before mankind
prophets of a dead religion decay and rot away
icons of deceit, shattered, left in ruins
gutted by opposition, merciless incineration

clutches that blind
blinding no more
devotion laid to waste
behold disintegration

rejected doctrine
rebuked nazarene
freed from the nightmare of god

gutting religious heritage
shrines of ash
religion to dust
gutting religious heritage