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kursses – talkalott lyrics


can’t f+ck with no basic ho, i need a demon b+tch
i walk through the party fitted up, i know you seeing it
yeah, i’m h+lla fly, i know you see it, b+tch
know you see my clique, know you see my stick
your music buns, not feeling it, i shot your mans and you witnessed it
but i ain’t do nun’, i’m innocent
i just put a hit up on his head for like a couple cents
and all my n+ggas post outside your crib in some f+cking tents
and we gon’ slide in srt, little b+tch, i know you see the tints
then we just get to shooting sh+t
and all these n+ggas f+cking mad, i can’t help you
i might just go f+ck up on his ho, but i don’t want to
i’m with my n+gga wok, we skate through, yeah, we skate through
like nah, b+tch, i hate you and it’s too late, boo
they ain’t on sh+t now, i’m just trying to get outside and shoot it now
we bounce out unannounced, he on his stomach now
want to end it all, just want to plummеt now
i’m with my shooter and he gun him down with my n+gga wok
heard you want that za, it’s not transaction, boy, you gеtting robbed
taking all your sh+t or you getting popped
little b+tch in the rave and she give me top
had to smack a n+gga ’cause he talk a lot
but when that strap come out, boy, you don’t talk a lot
yeah, i call my n+gga nesto for them drops
you a sad ass n+gga, no one tap in when you drop
in the rave, head banging, i’ma take it to the top, h+ll nah, little bro

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