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kuzgun – rashomon lyrics


​[part 1: memories]

[verse 1]
you’d never find a chick like her in a million years
an escape from the days we’d have to live in fear
i love it whenever you say you love me
make me feel like i gotta thank god above me
i’m old enough to feel like this, n-gg-s need to shut up
i’m old enough to feel like i really, really love her
we’re dumb enough, let’s f-ck the night up
we’re young enough, let’s f-ck our lives up
you know how long i’ve been on ya
since jameson stopped making p-rn flicks
since dame lillard left f-cking college
don’t act like you never got it
i want to be with you forever, i’m telling you this straight up
i wanna wake up with you, good morning, mr. raven

[part 2: sadness]

[verse 2]
the genie couldn’t make anyone fall in love
maybe there’s a different plan from god above
but man up, won’t get b-tches if they see you show emotion
better to die inside than and have them know, bruh
are you not happy? then just say that
if you not happy, then just let me change that

[part 3: even i can get over]
[verse 3]
(and the truth is) i guess all-powerful spirits work in mysterious ways
(and the truth is) d-mn, sh-tty heartbreaks turn into better days
(and the truth is) i thought i’d forever be in that h-ll that day
(and the truth is) i don’t regret it whatsoever, we still friends today
(and the truth is) you learn what love is
(and the truth is) when you learn happily ever after don’t exist