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kwa (rap) - lonely soul lyrics


seen a lot
been through a lot
it’s hard to talk about
and i keep secrets
it ain’t really none to talk about
know he say i’m toxic
so he still ain’t trying to talk it out
and if you ever tried to do me wrong
you got to walk it out
stand on it
build a life with you
i did plan on it
but you the type of n+gga
if you like it
spend a band on it
p+ssy everywhere
how can i trust you
and i know you f+ck with half the city
got me hesitant
to even touch you
know these n+ggas flock around me
i’m selective
and we ain’t been together in a minute
but i’m still feeling protective
i’m ashamed to say
i don’t know how to love
been settling for money, free time, and fakе hugs
then they ghost me
i know thе day i make it
they gone tell you that they know me
and i ain’t good with talking
i might tell a n+gga show me
i’m a trophy
you can get it less you win it
know i’m the golden child
no lil baby
but you dig it
for real
thought you would hold me down
know i ain’t pack
but i was tripping
not to mention
all the women
that you convinced we was finished
tried to double back with negative intentions
i never meant to hurt you
but it’s running through your mind
so i get it
d+mn it’s been a year
i want to ask you how you feeling
but you probably won’t respond
so i don’t send it
and you know that we both was in the wrong
yeah we used to get along
now the vibe just really feel like we pretending
listen i was looking for a n+gga that was different
but we all struggle the same
never forget it
you was stuck on how it felt in the beginning
but no love remains the same
until the ending

so you cheated
and i cheated back
then i moved on
and then i broke another heart
i had to deal with that
gave you my time
and you can’t give it back
i know you tried to make it right
but at the time
i wasn’t getting that
did you the same
you wasn’t feeling that
and two wrongs don’t make a right
you feel like me
ain’t no forgiving that
thinking about me with another n+gga
no forgetting that
seen the clip of you f+cking old girl
i couldn’t picture that
sh+t hurt me so bad i thought
i’d fix it if i get you back
left me out when y’all was talking rap
now i don’t holler back
crabs in a bucket
trapped souls
trying to pull you back
i’m through with that
you told me do me
and now i’m doing that
for real
the other half of me
could never care about how you feel
and yeah you did a lot
but you could never keep it real
so i’m done with the fake sh+t
stuck on a day shift
got to stay patient
cause i know the devil waiting for a slip up
and i don’t share my goals
so that way i never give up
and i don’t like to brag
i’m just hoping i can live up
to the standard that you set for me
made it through the dark
and i thank god he keep on blessing me
never changed my heart
what i can’t change
no longer stressing me
on the top like sesame
i’m pressure you can’t pressure me
i’m teaching you can’t lecture me
cause even i’m a student
but only to a leader
who can show me how to do it
and they don’t really like when it’s a message in the music
and god gave you a brain
it’s probably time for you to use it
or it’s useless
moving with the movement
even if i had a twin
she couldn’t do it how i do it

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