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kwam – intro (people power) lyrics


kwam out the old street way
where the sweet mates still wear russell athletic
couple man are fam tree, couple man bred it
shout to the heads who double man’s credit
living off edge note a week’s not an option
me i’ve had grands in the past and i’ve lost ’em
now my head’s screwed on, elizabeth’s live
that’s the best concoction
saving up to up sticks and bounce
can’t have youts around pr-cks and clowns
still i make grime tunes ‘cos i like to
big up sean, the man that’ll, mix ’em down
your mind state’s a mess blood, fix that now
you can take designer garms to your grave
furthermore, spend your ps how you want
but when your soul departs, they aren’t gonna stay
nowadays man are like “kwam’s on the way”
said that before now there’s actually meaning
man can’t say i can’t chat to the deepest
saying that, you must be trapped in a dream ting
worst is i don’t care who’s top selected
you must be angry if you’re not respecting
i’m a grown-up and i got grown-up issues
so blood please, stop the testing
see success, i’ve got to get this
i’m not talking an account with h-lla p
when i say that i mean building a legacy
money-driven artist? i’ll never be
let me tell you what i’m gonna keep doing
putting my views and thoughts across cleverly
i see bare man i know fly past with their hype bars
that’s cool, i ain’t got jealousy
i’ve only ever done my ting
nowadays i see my name get
thrown in the mix when man are in-fighting
what makes ’em think man care for the hype ting sorry
i got my mind on the right ting
using my gift so i can show the truth to the kids
plus anybody else who’ll hear it
i don’t just wanna be huge on the bit
kwam out the old street manor
and i walk under the grime scene banner
but i’m not trapped in the ends or the genre
time here i don’t wanna spend any longer
but being here’s all part of the plan
no i don’t know anyone harder than i
just know i’ll be away after a time
that time being the time i master my rhymes