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kxllbvt – make you bleed lyrics


kxllbvt lyrics:

no more, i cant even see you
chopped up body buried in the clearview
lucky for you n0bodies gonna miss you
i really need your help, i dont know if you can give me
can you help me carry a dead body to the bas+m+nt
everytime i see you im hopin that you die b+tch
metal to yo mouth p+ssy lookin like a brace face
p+ssy wanna talk sh+t imma give him his fate
imma put you down into yo grave
p+ssy ass boy final words watcha sayy?

packratsgrave lyrics:
necrophile × 2
i wanna watch you slit your wrists, like an emo b+tch
these b+tches mad that i made it out the matrix
i am not on some f+cking andrew tate sh+t
this is for all the trannies that feel hated
bite a bigots d+ck and make him taste it
cook that sh+t in liqour leave him wasted
make him bite the curb now he bit bit bit
talkin all that sh+t lifes a b+tch b+tch b+tch
grab him by the throat yea i slit slit slit
breakin down his nose with a brick brick brick
nothing you can do about thats how it is
sleepy mothaf+ckas release dog ass sh+t
willow’s grave lyrics:
willow didn’t remember the lyrics lol

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