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kxzia – 444 lyrics


ya mans not home
i know you finna text me
i’m still gon text yo ass back
you know that i’m better
i’m so tired of these love letters that i’m sending you
you not in the mood for that
you don’t know where home is at
i’ma have to move you back
you done got a new man
tell me who the f+ck is that

is crazy when you get attached
i was so high it wasn’t hard to call you back
that boy treat you like a hoe
it was hard to notice that
i done gave you ass a crown and carried yo ass on my back

d+mn i really miss your laugh
kinda miss it when your mad
i might just for for a kiss
hoping you would kiss me back
we used to do stupid sh+t
d+mn i miss your stupid ass
d+mn that n+gga took you home
i’m about to k!ll his ass for you
d+mn that n+gga love you let mе find out
put your phone light up if you a crash out
i’m about to crash out
i’m about to
i got bread for the hoes she droppin it down and pickin it up
she know how it go i’m really that n+gga let’s keep it a buck
speak up
speak up
b+tch i can’t hear speak up
i’m drunk in the back of the party waitin for brother to roll it up
i’m tryna ugh
i’m tryna f+ck baby i’m a sl+t
b+tch i’m to hot when i step in the club and if that n+gga try me i’m f+ckin him up
alcohol i’m in the cut
choppa blow that boy away i literally turned him to a blunt
b+tch i’m really with the
ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh
b+tch i’m really with the freaks
put the hole on top his head and now that boy a lego piece
better watch out for your mothers and your daughters and your niece
i done f+cked that girl so good i got her screaming “free luh beam”
where lil fredo pass the green
always bring that act with me
i’m a star when i pull up these n+ggas try to act like me
that boy spooky is a
he can’t get no track with me
sh+t i saw you with a b+tch but you gon give her (back to me)
back to me she for the streets
they said who dat boy outside i think they talkin about me
and i’m not no rat like gunna but i still be pushin p
i got b+tches and they older i can’t go out like
nah i’m not even gonna say it

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