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$ky yung – an alien in the rain lyrics


i did not hear what she said to me
(i did not hear)
i did not hear what she said to me
(i did not hear)
and now she’s dead to me
(put her in the rear)
getting mine eventually
(put her in the rear)

[verse 1]
never was normal man i wanna die
look like i’m alright but i got no light on the inside
and i wish that i could stop the bad things
happening inside my life
wish that when i woke up it was only a dream that night
wish that when you left me it was only out of spite

blowing smoke out my nose again
texting blowing up my phone again
(blowing up my phone again)

[verse 2]
been alone for so long
life a thread i’m barely holding on
lost in these old songs that i still relate to
i used to hate you and now i hate it
let my emotions create it
nothings holding me back i think i like that
i might wanna fight back when my demons attack
i wear this black ’cause that’s what my eyes see
if i talk positive these people wanna fight me
when i try to love these people, they don’t like me
i never f-cked with life, i’m always up at night
searching for these answers but i’m blind
’cause my phone giving me this cancer
feeling demotivated really gone off that green shit
looking at the bag that i can see me in
i hate my reflection…

[verse 3]
i wish that i could feel love
been so long since i been touched
the pain mixin’ with the drugs
all the pain is adding up
wonder why i’m not enough, roll the dutch
take another puff
drugs keep me faded love
i wish i never gave you up
sorry that i won’t pick it up when you wanna give a f-ck
my lungs turnin’ black and my heart’s faded numb

[verse 4]
sitting back, watching stars
feel my life, fall apart
i been dying’, from the start
not alive ’cause i have no heart
high up in the air, thinkin’ bout my fantasies
i’ma cop a shining car
don’t care bout a wedding ring
feel like that its meant to be…