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kyaro – forever jaeyoung lyrics


shouts to the gaijin goons
you know its uzbeki pride till the day i die
i want y’all to vibe to this one
let’s go

[verse 1: kyaro]
yo i’m the year of the dog
while you the year of the b-tch
it’s the reversed-role gold-digger with a rich chick
man f-ck a prenup bruh
ya better listen
and ya better not snitch when i’m with the mistress

my kuleana’s to be k!lling these beats
so i gotta rack up the body count ’til they find me
as the one who’s guilty
but still be scot-free
and chilling with the partner in crime
shouts to chris ki

man can’t you see that my sixteens are too deep
twenty thousand under the sea while i be doing me
i’m on my sleepy
i’m not normally tooting my own horn
now it’s m-th-f-cka beep beep (get out the way!)

as i speeding up the economic stairs (what!)
eating out these heiresses and the daughters of millionaires
i’m giving grace and thanks
while i’m refining my taste
to change cl-ss in the fastest time frame (cash money!)

and real talk (what!?)
i’m so blessed
that i can still walk (sad.)
so can’t stop
just going for my goals (emotional.)
and shouts to john
for tutoring the flow (yeah.)

while tripping i go stumble with the bros on the road
to enlightenment and think catch twenty-twos through
while seeing deep life truths up in every move
and language is limited but i still wanna show to you
a fraction of the vibes when i dropping with the gaijin goons
and prove that the government has lied
but dude no pressure

man i’m just doing me
and you keep doing you
i’m on my lewis and clark
when i guide the crew
i’m on my ghandi, siddhartha when i spit advice
and we got inner light but sometime it don’t even shine

but that’s the beauty of humankind
when one don’t shine
all of the others round it help it ignite

so i start to see life as one big adventure
and those around us are our co-navigators

[verse 2: mzee macharia]
white exile behind enemy lines
i was token-ized when i was around five
carried like a coin like n-gg- you better smile (sh-t!)
what’s your mile time? i bet it’s better than mine

white girl, where? that’s none of my business
i don’t do cocaine, that was an accident
i go too insane, my name irrelevant
call me michael caine, i’m kidding i’m daniel

my lady she handheld
she worse than the worst h-ll
i’m making like no sense
but pay me, you past tense

i’m present, i’m doing well
don’t worry, i cool swell
i’m benching, you wanna bench?
i won’t break a d-mn sweat (ha)

no lie
i stay high
see me if you trying

i do it for my mom, she won’t cry
been f-cking up, i gotta stop now right?

so don’t talk to me about president trump (please)
and don’t talk to me about your man, you should dump him
come and chill in heaven with the crew and the captain
no one at the wheel, we krunk in the intersection

did i mention?
i got dementia
see me go up on tuesday and not remember

i be seeing my momma’s house in december
i be staying inside of it, not a member

i be playing, she [?]
it’s a whole -ss game, let me get in here
you and your crew of lames can step down

they yellow for a real, gold boy
you just visioning
not even silver medal, you a chicken wing
this is for the ones that laugh when they listening
i see you grinning and the serpent has winning then
hand a check, i’ma just sign a n-gg- wing-a-dings

i will get it, by the swing of my ding-aling
ugly -ss signature