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kyu ~ (fka tokio) – stefano lyrics


never really thought about it on how i’m still hurting and feelin’ discarded, i’m guarded around to my spirit, uncharted my opus, i focus my roses on leavin’ the darkened area which turned to my heart
mass hysteria now covered as farce
take my mental, come to split it apart, start to see the changes that i have and impart

my vice fillin’ carts and behind these curtains, i’m dealin’ with shards brought upon by my cards, end of story, the glories i met as a quarry got me out of listenin’ range from these shorties

i’m sorry but not, barbed wires and knots
surrounding my structures, i puncture through locks
head’s in a box, you load up your shots, no matter the cost, i am cut from the knox

you a clog in my system, talking out neck, i’ma list ’em
listen, i am the piece which is missing
from their whole tapestry, still tryna catch ben, i am the soul, not in package
archery tactics, 25/8, out the atlas
acting ain’t part of my plannin’
planted, deep in the roots of my havoc
come around spastic, i’m letting you have it

i can’t stop it
every day i seem to lock in
stray from the dosage, i think overdosing ain’t worth it or so least i’m hopin’
open, locust, swarming the views of my focus
i’ve been outcasted and hopeless ’til reveled in forces in days of a shonen
i’m shown as a conan, i never break codin’, so good luck in tryin’ on breakin’ me open

i’m cold as the artic
i’m an exotic, animal you’ll never pocket
avoid the toxic, torpids and orchids
level me off for catharsis
live as a target
fate is a garden
spirit sinks off to the markets
what i was taught in
faces on cartons
tongue is acerbic
grew as a dog, never barked and, i only bite
the pieces of strife
that wounded my spirit sufficed, to bring me to light
my darkening bones, feelin’ they pull through to fight ‘
my darkening bones, my only true home, feelin’ they pull through to fight