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lagwagon – parents guide to living lyrics


wasting his days and his nights
nothing’s changed
nothing’s right
he has no sense of pride
sees no respect in his parents eyes
and why should he care?
no one ever cared for him?
wasting her nights and days
sixteen with a child
god wouldn’t have it any other way
and then they told her of shame
and that impurity made her bed
no f-ckin’ choice
she took two lives instead
all these worthless nights
down the path i follow you
because who am i?
i still care
but it’s my life in despair
laughing harder
in self-concious
i’ve played my last solitaire
that shirt’s too tight to wear
wasting my days nad nights
nothings changed
nothings right
i know i’m not exactly
the parents guide to living
but it’s the road less traveled
in this world so unforgiving
and i’ve lost count of score