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lance austin william – willy wonka lyrics


[pre hook]

ima pull up like i’m w-lly wonka
god d-mn i love a sweet cake
drop her face like a mixtape
-ss up i dont really wanna see the face
d-mn i can’t wait i f-ck on the 1st day
i dont care about yo name if yo name ain’t mary jane
i might be in yo lane right now but i got different lanes
i be ducking in the p-ssy like im from the nba


i luv it like this , luv it like this ×8

[ verse 1]

i want the ice ice ice like sub zero
finish him yeah so i k!llem
next year im going gorilla
im hopping out the coupe like the boy ain’t vanilla
put you back in your place
take yo b-tch to my place
nut all in her face
act like a queen b-tch you an ace

yeah i said it ×2
i f-cking need a medic
im at war with myself
like im ed ed & eddy

let me testify
cover up my right eye
got dark soul like chark coal
im the trap picc-sso
this sh-t in my vains
say its kinda strange
i just got better with age
my music a plague
all up in the stu im going ape
f-ck with my vibe
they can not hate
im on my own pace own race everyday a sat-rday , what you chu say
i really like games but i didn’t come to play nah i didn’t come to play


just came from the trap house and the codeen got me max out
man i checked in then i checked out
i love smoking man but i don’t cash out
why the f-ck you always on that hate sh-t
man i’m just tryina get rich
if your friendship had a tag it would’ve sad your made on china cause you just a b-tch
im just keeping it lit
tryna get a hunid k on my wrist
tryna do eveything on my list
my plot unvailing soon wait for the twist

[verse 2]

i ain’t fenius i’m ferb
im a man of action speak verbs
everybody talking like they wanna beat me but they know they can’t
everybody wanna see me i only see dreams
they looking at me like i’m the sun
i’m shinning so bright i got the gun
i’m pulling the trigger just to have fun
i’m making hits , while you made a hit and run

man that ain’t biness
meanwhile these girls looking at me
but i ain’t f-ck with no hungry b-tches
im dreaming of rags to riches
pull up john cena
dont talk about my deminor
hope yall understands this
till i make it to my destination i won’t f-cking rest

n-gg- i won’t go to bed
i will never hit the breaks
i always pump the gas
b-tch you f-cking the master
im the chef chef
man im cooking up tracks
like a young n-gg- next up
and i love it like this
know you love it like this