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lance rodriguez – 4ever here lyrics


find strength
in your beauty
and find strength
to look through me

and though we will wait
we thought away
and knowing you love me
you′ll find
me here

and we stay running from dying
knowing that memories somewhere in between
all this life and
this pain to see the earth removed from you

your smile is here to hold me together
and now i’m awake
in your love
me there
and though you are silent from the grave

my heart you speak
my name you set for me
and you fill it with lovе and peace
therе with me everyday
i watched your heart turn away
and every part of your soul lives right through me
i can′t
love it when it you’re gone
with my heart underground
and though we will wake
in my sleep
when i see you
and though there’s some pain
that smile is true

but i need you here
walking me pure
are you scared, did all of that hurt?

all that fear ain′t more than your worth
you taught me how i can love

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