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landmarque – pain sale lyrics


how do you like your pain?
to be a product for a profit
a syndication of messages, a streamline of gossip
attention is in deficit, hyena on the carcass
policies penetrate crevices, a sale of stardust
sold in a packed slaughter house in a townhouse
hungry children of the ghetto
spare a dollar for a church mouse
attraction is commoditized, laughing at the pain
feeling iced out with jewels but the sickness is the same
generational deficiency, burgeoning bourgeoisie
blackout society’s syncope on wall street
not to be found from a black+tie degree
having a brother see red like the resin from dragon tree
picture a pimp hopping over leaking sewers
telling you to fix your city
he’s the cancer ripping through her like a tumour
the origin of death swelled like a merlot
poisoning the blood flow for the nation to die slow

[verse 2]
take it back to the design
you see the hate and the wickedness
your brother is a crime is how paint him to the witnesses
a cop shot the kid, they ate the blood of the innocent
a box and a pill high manipulate the ignorance
the heart of the people made you wallow in the sinfulness
that breeds self+destruction, bloodthirst that follows insolence
the crave that we sleep in, the gates that we’re keeping
dead in the hatred of self, they call it beefing
it’s gotta be the miss understanding of what is power
to make us enemies if another coming from the gutter
i’m in the middle of an outrage
everyday is a fight for recognition in a void
’cause you’re invisible without fail
burnt history books vanishing in ashes without trace
i’m yet to hear a story worth writing that came without pain
what is the hope? on the lower end of the totem pole
no one is answering the question how the bar became so low
what you’re seeing now is something on the fringe of me
cure the nation on the day, being alive is a penalty
hoping for the day to see what is written in the destiny
a set of words that came in a wrap
was like a gift for me