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landmarque – rebel town lyrics


ayo, down from the thunder cloud, thor on the battleground
landmarque margnigo handing out a knuckle down
i can’t stop, this name came from a rebel town
line brotherhood man of pride, you get em hunted down
underworld lithium, iron polymer prime
covered desert planes if you step comparing the sign
i’m splitting venom blades on meticulous cuts
i’m tough as blue denim sage, lame ducks getting taped up
they misunderstood nina’s thread upon the fabric
she gave the same hood in a paint for writtеn classic
the road to h+ll, they pavеd it with the good intentions
what the speaker tells, hear the crowd swell
i’m in the sleeper cell
and it’s for this appointed moment
no equal opponent to handwritten condolence
there’s a target in the weaponed end
if you hesitate, then your name remain as a renegade
i’m still asking myself how this became
how a n+gga like me from our street got in the game, dog
on the come up, they never looked at us twice
our hood was the hostel on the run+up got the stripes
the mighty got toppled, everybody got they place
so you, you either shut up, suck it up or be precise
we’ve just never been the same
you’ve been a lame when we had walked through a hurricane
landmarque the code name, like the compass for direction
when you gotta step, walk in this terrain
colossus, that’s how i know you can’t miss me
fossil, like a known record of a fig tree
right now, you’re looking kinda [?]
lack l+ster like sa’s criminal justice
stay raw, break loose from the drug store
eightball black sinker it’s nothing like a wild ball
soaring through to the sun, you can see the wind push me
had a friend like a brother, a coward murder took him
they made a way to em as sheep wearing a wolf skin
now we’re drawing sorrow [?]
never too late to become what you could have been
atoms from a crucifix, blood flow wolverine
disorder in the spirit case in a clinical trial
you could be the loafer life or find poison in a vial
stocking up on lost files, booking life in trash piles
fingers look for something tactile or sort of fact+finding
it was a demon that got mistaken for an angel
when it pixilated, transformed like contagion
if you understand something brought about to change
i’m on a [?] like when commodities exchange
i’m paper on a page, it’s looking kinda strange
but the sound is of alliance then tearing up your metal cage