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landon tewers – scattered shit lyrics


[verse 1]
what and how do i say
to send this off in words i can’t convey
you’ve heard my anger heard my nasty
thought you’ve heard it all but your vastly mistaken
whose on our plate today
find the deepest fall for us to share
fight hate with hate and celebrate our common goals
but who the f-ck put jason’s statham in a shark movie
[verse 2]
your zodiac sign means you’re a c-nt
lets not complain on politics
they’re dropping paper eatin rather quick
so, some don’t have water to drink
but lets waste our time and power to think
im so f-cked
(trumps lawyer payed p-rn star stormi daniels 130 thousand in hush money)
[verse 3]
i dont know who can reach but neither do you baby
neither do you baby, neither do you, neither do you
neither do you baby
started off slow, started off slow
now the whole f-cking world is gonna hear the next flow
and i know that the minute i go she’ll be crying up a storm
telling me make her brain ‘splode
[verse 4]
some day i’m afraid people won’t love me for me
love me for, but they thought i was