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lanternfly – your knot & sledgehammer lyrics


shotgun to the head
becoming one of the web
ripped to a shred
spanning all which we live
you will catch a cold
from the other room i’ll inhale your spit
i am writing in small, faint, letters

and i will admit that my breath smells of sulfur
and i’m sorry dear but i will not f+ck you
you’re remarkable, of course, but i do not yet have comfort in my own body
i lack awareness of where i am, was, and will be
so to me all i am is what i was

you, or the idea of you
a rock to my imagination
picturing you naked
not physically
just adoring your vulnerability
cherishing you sobbing into my breast
it’s a pleasure i do not take pride in

i know you’re speaking
but your voice is so distant
i don’t know whether you’re talking to me
i placed myself upon you
not knowing of the
cathartic knot you tie
and tangle upon yourself
decimating as you smash it
with a sledgehammer
only to regenerate
like some sick giant
i feel it too

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