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larnelle harris – he loved me with the cross lyrics


he left a throne in heaven to come to bethlehem
and i will not forget the way
he loved me even then
and everywhere he traveled
he spoke with words of love
that said he’d go to any distance
to show what i was worthy of
and when at last the dusty road
had turned to calvary
he picked up a rugged burden
so that one day i would see

he loved me with a cross
he loved me with a cross
in answer to the call of love
he loved me with a cross
and i could not imagine what
loving me would cost
my jesus went to calvary
and loved me with a cross

he knew from the beginning
the price he’d have to pay
for my heart had gone so far beyond
what other loves forgave
i wasn’t on that hillside
to see him on the tree
but as my guilt was placed upon him
i know that somehow he saw me


and i would be a sinner still
enslaved by all my sin
if it hadn’t been for jesus
and the way he loved me still