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last standing poet – out my window lyrics


when i blow this endo
right out of my window
when i blow this endo
you know, you know what i did
right out of my window

[verse 1: last standing poet]
ohh really, so that’s who you are
i still make roaches outta your business cards
still rather write rhymes while i’m on the shitter
i guess that’s the main reason i ain’t on twitter
never don’t have a fat sack that won’t lift the whole room if you wanna smokke with me
tell a jokke and fiend, ben cap and greg b
write rhymes whilst a lace this melody

[verse 2: last standing poet]
yeah, the poet, yeah that’s me
called me l s or p, or lsp
call me anything cuz by the end of the night, i have your girl crazy screamin’ like – (sample)
and i’m steamin’ like, a hot engine when
it’s wrapped up till the ran 450’d em
i have this nifty little trick that i do for em’
and if that’s not enough, i k!ll it in the booth