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latroy – mood. lyrics


issa’ mood (x4)
bouncy wavy funky fresh

[verse 1]
hit up my line
cuz’ the sun is shining and i’m down to make a move
drop all your pride
we just having fun
so you better come and groove
i’m feeling plentiful
it’s looking beautiful
lit like a festival (yeah yeah)
i am so credible
call me incredible
boutta’ take off in a jet like zoom

my friends
real friends
they won’t ever let me down
we stay up
way up
i always need them around
i’m feeling super cool
too cool for school yeah
shoutout to javian
he coming through with the heat and i promise you
issa mood (x5)

[verse 2]
constantly testing my limits
i’m just trynna’ get it how i live it (yeah)
everybody in my business
but y’all ain’t no paying bills mind ya’ business yeah
oh yeah i heard you didn’t like me
but i been working on the low-key
if it don’t make dollars it don’t make sense
and you been acting real shady high-key ever since
we was in houston, texas
always asking for a favor while ignoring my message (ugh)
i woulda thought you woulda learned a lesson
when i cut you off before and told you get to steppin’

but i’m just being real honest
had to change my flow and keep my promise
i know i said it all before
if you didn’t know before
my n-gga’ man
issa mood

[verse 3]
y’all can’t do better this (nope)
act like latroy ain’t the sh-t (yup)
hop on any track and then i murder it
i’m self made y’all ain’t never heard of it (yeah)

i got my team that’s my crew
i only f-ck with a few
trust me this ain’t nothin’ new
i had to switch up the view like aye
i’m pullin’ up fast
i’m not a rapper but hand me the pad
smooth like i’m michael they all call me bad
team up with druzbicki they all gone be mad skrrrt

this is the beginning
it’s track number 2
and i hope that you hear me
when i say it clearly
just deal with the feelin’
i hope that you know by the ending
no kiddingly
issa mood