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laurent bertaud, jean-christophe, prudhomme – bad boy lyrics


n0body likes to be
hated by the population
still i find i don’t mind
when they say “go away”

folks believe and perceive
i am an abomination
they despair, i don’t care
when they say “go away”

yes, folks think i am a cad
not somebody to be trusted
my father thinks i’m bad
my mother’s totally disgusted

i get kicks playing tricks
causing people’s degradation
make a stink, i won’t blink
when they say “go away”

trouble’s what i’m all about
so i am always getting busted
my doctor threw me out
called me “somewhat maladjusted”

i delight in a fight
prompting endless confrontation
you should know i won’t go
when they say “go away”



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