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lav!$h_3028 – who run it lyrics


who run it
run up get dun up
this beat hard imma turn up
i advise u to use rap g*nius if u cannot keep up
aye lil n-gga get da f-ck out my face
u a superb-tch lemme get u a cape
he da typa n-gga that’ll walk wit a taze
i’m da typa n-gga throw ya body in a lake
jah beat a n-gga -ss told em f-ck u
have a nice day
if u try him i’ll k!ll u broad day
for my brother b-tch ion give a f-ck
lav!$h goin demon mode then u outa luck
p-ssy n-gga shaking like sum 12s in da trunk
leave a n-gga leakin tell em better wipe yaself up
is h-ll a bad word?
better shut da h-ll up for i pay yo mom a visit wit a 50 round drum
rayne gon stomp u out in his af1s
rollie presidential like air force one
ice on my wrist yea i️ got i️t off a l1ck
oh u wanna talk sh-t
i’ll pull up to yo crib
throwin bullets mike vick
u gon need a 626
meant to say u gon need sum stiches
choppa make u dance like ants in ya breeches
empty dem pockets n-gga yea i️ need dem riches
take a blunt n extend i️t
like go go gadget
cop a tab n i️ drop i️t
kinda like a bad habit
pseudosavage man u n-ggas ain’t wit da action
b-tch short like a hobbit
she gon bounce like a rabbit

who tf is these f-ck n-ggas testin
pull up wit that smith n wesson
38 special no sh-lls i jus up from the hip then i shoot then i dip
bet that f-ck n-gga gon learn his lesson
finna pull up on a l1ck when i’m done wit ya b-tch
dexters laboratory whippin my wrist
run in drake crib if i go to da 6

racks in da safe f-ck a bank
ballin like i’m in da paint

ballin in da paint like kyrie
don’t trust yung lav!$h he shlimy
f-ck 12 lil piggiez can’t find me
like a brand new toy b-tch try me
if a n-gga try me
i might have to catch a body
i be goin brazy h-lla drugz in my body
hit a l1ck on mister chin
i so sorry
better hurry up n buy
‘fore i reach for my tommy

i need a wood wit no stems
i️ jus ran off on da plug told him
thank u come again
i can’t never show no love
these hoes n n-ggas jus pretend
ion really give a f-ck
i’m screamin f-ck 12 til the end
yea ik that i dun sinned
n i prolly will again
but god on my side u plottin n-ggas never win
i’m stacking it
flipping it
spittin exquisite sh-t
my flow is infinite
yo girl want my d-ck n sh-t
split her like dividend
then i hit up her friend
emperor lav!$h
my reign will never end
cop me a uzi
k!ll u n all ur friends
b-tch i’m insane
i need sum medicine
feel like big bird
off of dem klonopins
yes i’m absurd
f-ck what u heard
f-ck what u heard b-tch i’m absurd

quick quick
hit a l1ck
down da boulevard, dip
flyin thru da city in a shinigami starship
uon want no problems uon really start sh-t
lav!$h bruce lee! imma hit u wit a flyin kick
unda da sea! where they finna find ur body b-tch
psycho indeed! at the rear window wit a stick
down to let i️t rip
n i’m k!llin all these n-ggas on my django sh-t
hit a l1ck for dem bands jackie brown type sh-t
it’s a scary sight
robbed a n-gga twice in the same night
sumn light
tryna fight?
gamble wit ya life
like u shootin dice
lucid got the slice
so u better think twice
make u fly like a kite
uon wanna die tonight
always on that f-ck sh-t
man these n-ggas ain right
said u better think twice
tighten up lil b-tch
uon wannna die tonight
lf gang k!ll sh-t
hit a n-gga wit a pipe

if u thought i was done u bout to feel hurt
disrespect me n u bound to get murked
wet a n-gga block n then i skrt
i put in work like phineas n ferb
ain’t yung ferg but i’ll put u in da dirt
end ya life short like a mini skirt
told yo b-tch to make it twerk
she make it clap like twerk team
got yo girl geeked off a bean
not kodak no molly in my lean
my team beat da dream team
clip long like a limousine
all these b-tchez they some pheens
yuh i’m not getting geeked i’m getting lost
got that b-tch lost in da sauce
ayyee sauce em up like melo
money talks it be like h-llo
played that girl just like a cello
her -ss shake it look like jello
always hype b-tch i’m not mellow
boomin just like metro
j-milli broke? no but u thought hoe
i can’t wait to whip that lambo
r.i.p to a$ap yams tho

said rip to a$ap yams
n rip to all my fam
n free my n-ggas out that muhf-ckin slam
wickedworld n lf gang we goin ham