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lazy rios – lazy gotta eat lyrics


gimme that microphone boy
gimme that microphone boy
i said gimme that microphone boy
it’s been a minute since i asked for help
been busy trying to replace that shoelace with this gucci belt
dreams of being fresher than that prince from philadelph
and i imagine whippin my baby bottom with a brand new louis belt
i ain’t materialistic it’s just a figure of speech
i’m rollin half gram dubbies slimmer than that nigga screech
discrepancies nowhere near these sober lyrics
but when i’m lifted lyrics start lookin like some hieroglyphics
i’m penny pinching i’d rob a genie for his bottle keep the wishes
i’m ????????????????
cause fiends convert to acrobats
i make em exercise for cigarettes how’s that for jumpin jacks
puffin on a pungent pack sleeping with the dungeon rats
been snoopin for some evidence
well let me put my thumb in that

ya know i jokey jokey
cl-ssics made by smokey floatin through my karaoke
please ignite the og show with symptoms of pneumonia
i ????? still rockin cubic zirconia
double red f-ck up my cornea
get me off the beat i’m really f-ckin borin ya

gimme that microphone boy
gimme that microphone boy
gimme that microphone boy