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league of starz – fall thru lyrics


i know what you want (i know what you want)
you can bring it harder bro yeah
they gonna take it to the weekend
i can see you freaky
shorty we should f-ck f-ck f-ck (f-ck you) [x2]

[verse 1:]
well when i come through with the guys
sip along henny and get high
i can see the freak in your eyes
call you friends and i’m a call my friends
so we going to all be friends
what the benefits and it’s going to be us in the sky
with the lemon disk and if i start it amma finish it
i ain’t worried about your man cause he ain’t sh-t
keep it on some low sh-t you know how that go sh-t
i ain’t going to say a word when you want to go just say the word
go and get this trail sh-t i know you sick of nerd
f-ck through one time i’m a blow you
mine shorty am a real kind hit my line when you need it
do you know i got it best believe it
have you bending and creaming
get you all high got you steaming


[verse 2:]
how do you want it girl
how do you feel
f-ck all that bags to the side
we making something real
so back that upon me
and bring all your homies
and that’s how i love it
yeah we live for the moment
while we still young while we young
am going to get it off like ah ah
ain’t trying to run through trying to make you come too
come through we can have fun too
every thing a n-gg-r like
i really take you to the max
this just ain’t lyrics girl they really facts
yea fall through come through see what it is really about
going to make you drip drop mother f-cker