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leah faith – don’t lyrics


i wake up,
and i see you a few hours later,
i say hey and then wake away,
you are so polite,
you are so cool,
you make your own rules,
but then you talk,
i hear your voice and i think is it a dream,

don’t fool me with your foolish ways,
don’t talk to me because i know what you’re trying to hide,
don’t walk away saying nothing,
don’t leave me there hanging,

people say that i am getting obsessed,
it is only because of what you do to me,
i want to believe that you’ll be mine someday,
but i know that’ll never happen,
i loose all hope saying i hate you,
but i can’t stay mad at you forever,

don’t get close to me,
don’t talk to me,
i will just ignore you and all your foolish ways,
i know i deserve better,
but i think you’re the best,
i wish you didn’t change,
but i love you anyway,

i said no i won’t fall for you,
but then you railed me in,
i never knew that i would love you,
please make me forget,
i need to forget,
but i don’t,
don’t want to leave you,
please make me forget,
i am falling,
falling over you,

i just want to be alone,
i just need a little room,
but no,
i can’t be without you,
in my head is where you are,
i wish and i think that it is never to far,
make me forget about you and all that you do, did, and said,
i wish i could go back in time before i saw those eyes and saw how nice you are,
never judge a book by its cover,
and sometimes the story changes, oh,

don’t let me fall to my death,
don’t let me regret,
stop talking to me,
i think wee both agree,
it’ll never happen,
please make me forget every word that i said to you,
make me forget why i love you,
i don’t know why,
but i need to know why i feel attracted to you,
when it is just you and me alone in one room,
i want to run but there is no place to go,
i want to go talk to you and so,
please make me forget all the thoughts in my head,
my daddy wants to snap your neck,
please just rewind time,
let me fix everything so i can lie,
i would say “gross i don’t like you”
but i would be lying,
my heart would stop and the room would spin,
my face will go red when you say my name,

don’t make me love you,
i know it’s hard dot do,
don’t listen to a word i say,
please make me forget today,
and why,
why is this happening to me,
you make me think things i don’t want to,
and how do you get inside my head,
and my face goes red when i hear your name,
i will never let you down,

you say jump,
i’ll say how high,
you say go,
and i’ll say where,
tell me to leave and i’ll say ok,
but remember i am going to love you know matter what you do,