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leechy boi – aye lyrics


[hook] x2
smoking on the loud and the sack (aye)
got your girlfriend in the back (aye)
pull up in your hood with the strap (aye)
boutta put your homie on blast (aye)

smoking on the boof and maui. (aye)
making gr-ss cut like a mowie. (aye)
i also got the chopper and the bowie. (and the bowie)
boutta hang ten on your zoey. (on your what?)

i got big guns. i got big blunts. (smoke!)
i got big sacks. (what?) you got small funds. (how?)
you’ve got a small d-ck, (small d-ck) and you ain’t got no b-tch
but i’ve got gold t–th, and i’m rich as sh-t

i’m a millionaire, so why do i sell drugs? (huh?)
i’m a certified gangsta, hanging with the thugs
and i’m f-cking on your side chick, showing her the love
i’m a p-ssionate lover, you’ve got a small d-ck
i got a lot of money but i gang bang. (aye)
i sell a lot of drugs and let that thang hang. (thang)
your b-tch she like to suck up on my w-ng w-ng. (p-n-s)
i feel like barrack obama, cause i’m gang gang, b-tch (ayee)

[hook] x4