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leland – all over lyrics


[verse 1]:

look lately opportunities have got me moving fluently. i had police looking for me old homies tryna ruin me. shit
i guess that this the world we live in now. everybody got problems but never figures them out
they just sipping or smoking something. blaming another man for who they becoming
that’s hoe shit. me i got goals i’m gon hit like pele
but no we can’t kick i’m chasing paydays. no sugar cause shit ain’t sweet out here
i’m just tryna eat out here. man. i think the people know whats coming next
you know you doing something right when they start sending threats
this that old school flow youngin with the old soul
all your rappers pollute the game f-cking up the ozone
i’m about to crack down on em. like a dope filled care package
got the competition choking up like they air lacking
i’m just trying make a 100 mill an disappear
take care of my people finally wipe away the tears from the struggle
so i stay serving beats like a farmer. id die for my cause like a martyr
bars got these rappers captive turn game into a zoo
even if you get on my level homie you player 2. so watch and learn
like this is tip and tricks. you dont want the beef cause it come with a burn notice
better delete that diss quick. shit
i know exactly what i’m heading for everyday we raking in a little more




soon to be

we muh f-cking

all over