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leroy carr – take a walk around the corner lyrics


believe i’ll take me a walk : around the corner by myself
and if i can’t find my baby : i don’t want n-body else

she went out last night : and she didn’t even say goodbye
how come she left me : lord i really don’t know why

now i’m going out this morning : my forty‑five in my hand
now i’m going to kill my woman : for loving another man

then i’m going to the judge : and i’m going to fall down
on my knees
ask him please fair judge : have mercy on me please

judge i done killed my woman : because she treated me so
treated me so unkind : till i swear i lost my mind

well it’s please please please : don’t send me to the
electric chair
just give me my time : and i’ll try to do it anywhere

when i’m dead and gone : and six feet in the ground
you can only say : there’s a good man has gone down

oh it looks mighty cloudy : and i believe it’s going to
i just love to hear : my baby call my name