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levellers – another man’s cause lyrics


gunshots shatter the peace of night
it’s just another fire fight
for the people of this little town
but for the dying soldier
he’s feeling ten yerars older
and he’s lying face down on the ground
all the words that are in his head
are all the words his mother said
as she would put him to bed back home

your daddy died in the falklands
fighting for another man’s cause
and your brother he was killed in the last war
now your mother’s lying at home alone

every day she sees his face
on the picture on the fireplace
with your brother as he was leaving school
then a day came five years ago
you said “mother, i need to know”
and you spoke the words your brother spoke before
“i know the things my daddy done
i’ve seen the medals thet he won
and i know that this is what he would have wanted-for me”


and now she wonders at it all
how many more are going to answer the call
to fight and die in another country’s
to die for religion the never belived in at all
to die in a place they should have never been at all
no, never been at all