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lex bratcher – suge (lex bratcher freeverse) lyrics


[verse 1]
ha, what do they want from me? (ha)
they say that they compet-tion, but they more like sons to me
(huh, yeah)
they ask why i’m always alone, cause’ i don’t like company
i tell them “what’s up?”
they say that they green, i don’t think they want the tea
it’s fun to see, these n-ggas be wantin’ beef
but i got the vegan meat, we anti-fat
rocking the all-white diamonds
all white stylin’, like i am anti-black
if i’m sick, then my kid’s gon’ be sick
and k!llin’ ya’ll kids too, like we anti-vax
rhymes cold, and my styles cold, they arctic, like the anaheim tracks
god ya’ll wack, but you still wanna ride in the front with me?
got that strap hangin’ off my side
like i’m rocking some motherf-ckin’ dungarees
man i wanna eat, gimme my food
the big plate, to get my mood, back to the standard of me
cause’ i keep on eatin’ these snickers instead of my food
and i’m not me when i’m hungry

[verse 2]
but i gotta keep on goin’
and popping sh-t like samoans
i’m popular in my city, but population is low
and i gotta keep rocking mics
like my name was buble or bret
no time to hop on your track, so i know you writers upset
i know you writers be mad, cause’ my d-ck isn’t ready yet
you wanna hop on my jock and ride into the sunset
i chop it up like lettuce man, i got a rooga to my left
if i get a spin atchu’ there ain’t gon’ be remains left
like ugh!
girl, why you keep rappin’ bout’ salad? you need to go eat one
oh please young
cause’ the second i lose all this weight, they gon’ be like
“oh sheesh hun!”
you so fine girl, for no reason
i got ’em fallen now, like the seasons
they gon’ be like “d-mn lex hot!”
like i’m standing over they head with a heat gun
and these n-ggas tryna’ shop me
if i join the roster, no returns, no refunds
i knock the beat out the park, no eastbay, no easton
i listened to your track once, ha! no replays, no reruns
i’m investing in my future, i’m on e-trade getting e-funds
like d-mn! hold up, huh
i be feelin’ like the man
i be k!lling all these n-ggas leave ’em in the dust
and i don’t think they understand
i’m the mafia, lex they gon’ need to pop your tires
cause’ ain’t n0body in here stoppin’ her
i’m the paid version of you silly games wizard101, you poptropica
like d-mn i’m fly
now that i’m blowing up, all these fake friends wanna stand right by
i got like five new relatives now
bout’ to name my next album family ties
no alex p. keaton, now let’s speak
even if these n-ggas don’t wanna stan my rise
they act like they feel me
act like they see me, but inside they’re like “d-mn it guys!”

[verse 3]
“why the f-ck is she so good? someone must write her music!”
“i’m gonna search and go find what the truth is”
“i’m gonna look at everythin’ she’s doing”
but the problem is that it’s useless
cause’ you keep watching, the higher the views is
as you keep searching, the higher the news is
i’ll keep on k!lling with rhymes i’m producing
i’ll keep on k!lling the time in my brand new apartment
just tryna’ see how high the roof is
i’ll keep on spittin’ my knowledge
informing ya’ll how to find pennies, like my name was rufus
how to increase your net-worth, be exclusive
how to deceive your haters, make ’em foolish
how to keep ballin’ like neon in rick
and butchering games while you’re stackin’ your blue chips

uh, yeah, lex