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lex luhvv (ft. loso twosixx) – the fall lyrics


[verse 1]
i’m stayin’ low, sh+t i got used to all the high living
i think i manifested everything that i envisioned
i never question anything, my life was god+given
who else gon’ pick me up when my soul not in it?
minding my business, and i play my role
i face the music every time, no other way to go
when them n+ggas try to sink the ship, i gotta stay afloat
sh+t, i wish i would help fulfill a haters goal
can’t imagine how many wanna see the kingdom fall
them n+ggas fibbin’, but these b+tches gon’ believe it all
if we ain’t neck+to+neck then why we gotta speak at all?
i done beat the odds and now i’m feeling like a young n+gga could reach the stars
peace be upon you
‘cause you gon’ need it when that beast unleashing on you
speak if you want me to harm you
and when i fell i remember who stampeded on me
that’s why i go to war by myself and i never need an army
if he speakin’ on me, we ain’t even beefin’ dawg
i just bring this egregious slaughter to cease the party
he think he fly, so i’m puttin’ them heatseekers on ‘em
i reap his soul, he gon’ have to call jesus on me
they see a god+like psyche emerge when i show up
no cease+fire, mama knew she was birthing a soldier
opps in the spliff, i know they smellin’ that herbal aroma
you had your turn, now you burnt so i’m certain it’s over
lately ain’t no love in my city
can’t see me in this b+tch, whip tinted when i’m ridin’
and can you tell me why they hatin’ on a n+gga? wait
probably ‘cause a n+gga so up
right now and i know these n+ggas prayin’ on my downfall
downfall, downfall
uh, i know these n+ggas praying on my downfall

[verse 2]
‘member back, i fell off and couldn’t pay the rent
eviction notices came and went, that’s just the way it went
nowadays them n+ggas’ll k!ll you ain’t tryna make amends
and free that n+gga tracy, he biddin’ i think it’s been a 10
show them n+ggas love and they gon’ hate, that sh+t don’t ever fail
mama said i’m just like my father, how could i ever tell?
skip the bail, give me a cell, let me get my mail
looked the devil right up in his face and made him skip to h+ll
i could tell you ‘bout them long nights, served the off+white
protectin’ the brand, you know i’m clutchin’ on that long pipe
shoot them n+ggas both up in they head and make them fall twice
they k!llin’ n+ggas up in my city, this sh+t a dog+fight
playin’ with that fire, just know you getting’ your burn on
could tell that boy a rookie, ain’t the type that you should learn on
n+ggas minimum wages, actin’ like they gettin’ birds off
push a n+gga hairline back, he gettin’ his perm off

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