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lil b – rare based freestyle lyrics


[verse : lil b]

aye aye
i’m coming at your neck
right at ya juggla
motherf+ckers know i’m not a busta
came in the game
with the money and musta
came in the game
you got the relish wit the custa
i’m in the general
you is pitiful
coming like nyc
n+gga in the middle
i don’t give a f+ck
not a monkey in the middle
i might make a joke
here’s the riddle
understand about this
i don’t give a f+ck
what you think bout me
you can understand about this
tell your b+tch
she can suck a d+ck
when i’m on the bricks
you know i’m in the sh+ts
i don’t give a f+ck
it’s bout money everyday
and the hip hop here
and it’s gonna stay
lil b from the motherf+cking bay
shout out new york in the tunnel
okay yeah
[outro : lil b]

i said we out here the motherf+cking tunnel n+gga
it’s lil b for lil boss
just had to give y’all
a motherf+cking drip drop
only one verse
of this real sh+t
hip hop you feel me
you know going to let the cypher keep going
had to give you one verse
i’m going let y’all do your thing
go ahead k!ll that

[verse : 0101010]

yeah yeah yeah
you already know what’s up
hm yeah mhm yeah
shout basedgod
you already know
east to the west
we going dumb
for real this time
you feel me ya dig
rare based freestyle
with the motherf+cking
for freeeeeee
you already know
thank you basedgod