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lil b – take a picture lyrics


“take a picture”

[intro: lil b]
yeah this that “i forgive you” mixtape
you know we back-to-back
bentley coupe, phantom, maserati, all that
shout out to my young cause tooby, what it is?
f-ck with me! i got love, w-ssup ladies?
f-ck with me! i love y’all
money everywhere…

[verse: lil b]
based god f-cks with it
everybody know that the kid’s so exquisite
black bentley coupe, b-tch i think i’m the mayor
middle eastern girl: i think i’m middle eastern! ”
persian, 100 grand cash and i’m splurging
never figure 8, all i do is skate
b-tch, look at me, b-tch: i’m based god!
rich ho based god, take a picture based god
went to the bank, i talked sh-t to the teller
they look at me crazy, there’s nothing you can tell me
i’m self-made and i think i’m rick ross
b-tch, it’s easy. b-tch, just watch me
young based god and some m-th-f-ckin swagger
still got the plug and i rock with the 50 cent
if you got a plug b-tch, i’m master teacher
sensei based god, my b-tch is my best friend
she looks so good, she dress up for the occasion
condo, only thing i see is the pigeons
all good air, so high on the balcony
my girl said she wants to go into the pool
b-tch, you look so fearless! you’re like jumanji
i’m rich like a salesman, b-tch i’m so c-cky (dr. phil!)
b-tch, this is funny sh-t
d-mn if i lose 100 grand to the game
play me like a ho, for real? ok b-tch… (anderson cooper! based god!)
i’m coming with that 10. i’m coming with that 8
catch? fade
drive your own thoughts, touch down your brain
f-ck with that t-t for tat, you feel me?
round clips same color as a strap
platinum blonde head and eyes like an ocean
she suck on my d-ck, i’m so grateful, i’m so lucky
b-tch, i think i ran tho
feel like i’m cocaine
i don’t want to do the b-tch, she is a stripper
b-tch, you’re eddie murphy
you just came to america
100 b-tch…

i’m broke and i’m rich, yeah!