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lil bizzy asf – everythingk lyrics


[bizzy & jay]
hop in the car and just vibe with a hoe (vibe)
cut a b+tch off, ain’t got time for a hoe (time)
say that i’m loyal but i’m lyin’ to the hoe
tried the sh+t once, i ain’t tryin’ it no more (uh)
f+ck that, i ain’t really tryin’ again (nope)
if a n+gga move wrong, lose his mind again
bring the hoes in ’cause we vibin’ in (vibe)
b+tch in the party, i ain’t dyin’ in
jumped in that water, i’m divin’ in (dive)
break that hoe heart, got her cryin’ again
backshot, broke that b+tch spine when i’m in
give us the lo’ and we spun again
we hit they block with nothing but gens
bizzy in the back, say he got him a f&n
i upped on that boy and hit nothing but chin
we tryna score, put that boy in the wind (ay, ay)
a win is a win or some’ (ay)
hop out the v and get live out the coupe (coupe)
we ain’t smokin’ on say, boy, that n+gga ass boo (boo)
bizzy gang, we just know, “hop out and shoot”
free toney, yeah, he’ll turn a n+gga to soup (soup)
when i up this bl!ck, n+gga, give me yo’ loot
it was three of them n+ggas, popped out, hit two (boom, boom, boom, boom)
and yo’ ass ain’t bizzy if you ain’t put sh+t on the news
yo ass ain’t bizzy, you’n put sh+t on the news (no)
you f+ck up, you slip, you lose (chillout)
he f+ck up, he slip, he gone (he gone)
bizzy gon’ send him home (him home)
hop out the car, hit his ass in his dome
two bl!cks in my hand, i ain’t shootin’ alone (i ain’t alone)
hop out the cut, (fafa), he gone
beam on the glock, i’m tryna hit long (uh)
we tryna walk him down (ay, walk him down)
we tryna get real close (ay, get real close)
he was thinkin’ with his d+ck, so we got the lo’ from a hoe (we got that lo’ from a hoe)
i’m in his bushes lil bro (aye)
he cannot run, no, no (uh)
he cannot run from this+++ (uh, uh)
he cannot run from a scope (uh)
he cannot run from a switch (he can’t run from a switchy)
he cannot run from this b+tch (uh)
he cannot run from this hoe
run his ass down, hit him straight in the throat
i got the glock in my hand, you know (you know)
i see a opp in this b+tch, i’ma score
bizzy in the back, hit that boy on like four



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