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lil boosie – mind of a maniac lyrics


“mind of a maniac”

[talking: lil boosie]
i done showed the world,
now we finna wrap it up, ya know what i’m sayin
welcome to the mind of a maniac
what part of real you n-gg-s don’t understand?
lemme talk to ya’ll before we leave

i keep a gat cause n-gg-s murder gotta bad habit
of purple in the studio while i murk ya, i’m comin mane.
i swear to god i’m thuggin hard trill n-gg-s deal witcha big glocks off top, we ain’t stuntin mane
we street n-gg-s, we eat n-gg-s off tracks from mouse and b
you betta be bout ya bread ya talk to me
mom ya wonder why ya child’s so bad, because the f-ckin body bags done hypnotized my -ss, it’s deep
holdin on to this money mane i gotta get it, choppers and a glock 40 play with me you get ya issue
wrap ya d-ck up cause ya d-ck will have the hiccups, you’re rich if ya marry a b-tch, get a prenupt
{i ain’t go no mind}

welcome to the mind of a maniac {street n-gg-, street n-gg-} [x2]

thug life, that’s all we know so we grow until some beasts when we can let off them leeches
we go and get it, get ya weight up
and when them camera flash you ain’t never gotta ask it’s that’s boosie bad azz, straight up!
angels runnin us off, i ain’t runnin my mouth, spade for spade i’m the realest n-gg- out,
know what i’m talkin bout
my n-gg-s let joc out
jealous cause we fresher than rest of them fellas done stick together
gotta have alarms, locks, i, can’t trust n-body, i, gotta keep a desert eagle n-gg- know i got it
heart full of f-ckin pain cause i’m tired of gettin stabbed
and grabbed by all these the m-th- f-ckin crabs.
i laugh and maintain don’t switch the game plain and f-ck the police they bring us no peace.
this the mind of me, {boosie boo} so much sh-t goin on where i roam how i’m gonna find some peace?
they say i’m a role model, but i’m not a role model, gotta smile when i ain’t gotta, tired & still holla
i’m a boss so i go off, know i like to show off, on the road of riches, gotta murda these n-gg-s
{ain’t got no mind}

[chorus x2]

we holla f-ck cops, if we fall off with this rap mane it’s back to the trap to bust blocks
man who can i trust not, n-gg- f-ckin up the game, it’s down to momma pain, & ceo’s and main mane,
gon’ be in the chain game these n-gg-s don’t stop playin from n-gg-s, and b-tches, yes sir i got game.
god cursed me with diabetes i feel like i’m insane, you ain’t from the hood & you don’t deserve
it mane, in the streets they murder mane, and boosie he a target, so me?
i got my 40 when i’m sh-ttin on the toilet, i’m paranoid, starin’ hard to get ya -ss h-t.
four or five chains ain’t never had sh-t.
f-ck a b-tch she wanna mingle, ha, she want my jingles, one hit wonders gettin rich off a single.
what’s that michael vick? don’t snitch, tell that judge he kill deers and it’s real.
{ain’t got no mind}

[chorus x2]

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