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lil bronk – i’m sorry my music sucks lyrics


[verse 1]
what do you say
when every song’s the same
another sad song
that sh-t gets pretty lame

how many times
can things never be the same
there’s a fine line
gotta break out the lane

the whole first tape
was my way
of saying nothing

no one’s to blame
complicated situation
with a lot in the way
but i’m worried about my station?

i’m sorry my music is really bad
i’m sorry it makes my friends think i’m sad
i’m sorry for talking sh-t about my dad
i’m sorry for talking about what we didn’t have

it’s like quicksand
i’m falling in a routine
i’ve always stuck to plans
with no room in between

it’s a sign from above
to end the repet-tion
it doesn’t fit like the glove
on oj simpson

lil bronk is just a facade
he was never real
definitions really broad
kicked jesus off the wheel

nothing’s real
in life or the dreams
gotta get surreal
to appeal to the art teens

[verse 2]
oh my god
what the f-ck happened?
remember when i started rapping?
had frogman and young keeb

now i’m rapping about
what’s up with me
talking about my bad dreams
that’s not meant to be

i went from rapping ’bout drugs and rape
making lots of jokes
now i’m crying about love on a mess of a tape

i can’t believe that
i invented being lonely
i know it that isn’t true
but act like i’m the only
one to feel it

i’m not defeated
if only
i could talk about my feelings
in a way that wasn’t corny

and that’s the end… of my second mixtape
uh, thank you for listening if you did
and hey, i made it through the whole mixtape
without um… without mentioning
a–i said the girl’s name right here, oops-
and uh, that’s pretty cool
i also didn’t take a year to release it so radical