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lil chaos – berserk lyrics


(hook: lil chaos)
jump on this beat, go berserk
i look at yo b-tch then i swerve
i might just pop me a perc
run up on me you’ll get murked
rap on the beat like i’m durk
throwing bullets like i’m kirk
givenchy all up on my shirt
all my haters like to lurk
bend over b-tch you better f-cking twerk

(verse 1: lil chaos)
chaos pull up to scene
ima just pop me a bean
n-gg-s talking sh-t over the screen
left yo b-tch on seen
pull up on your block yuh that way
racking up bank yeah it’s my way
pull in rari’s go speed race
trippin on life, yuh shoes lace

(verse 2: lil bill)
trip over my shoe lace
yeah keep it so true face
i pull on your block
i mixing that wok
these haters they shooting they glock
i keep all the bands in my shoes
never no feeling the blues
keep that thang on me so true
i making the dank make it 2’s
my supply come from cvs
diamond chain that be vvs
all this money man it make no sense
living life so i got no stress
all lacoste on my shirt
louie v thats whats hers
designer my clothes
rocking name brands
all in my bank from my shows

(lil chaos: verse 3)
i get the cheese like its pizza
i f-cked your b-tch her name lisa
i’m the god call me jesus
b-tch to foreign i dont need her
daimonds shining like its glitter
i got the nike my sweater
flow to nasty change the weather
your b-tch cute, my b-tch better
she want my kid i don’t let her
i got the juice like minute maid
yngb yeah we getting paid
3 racks like a f-cking braid
kick in your its a f-cking raid
i’ll light you up like a christmas tree
i’ll spark you up like a tnt
all these b-tches wanna be around me
spray you down like a f-cking flee