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lil dobbs – youtube cypher 3 (official remix freestyle) lyrics


it’s lil dobbs in this b+tch, always spazzing on the beat
don’t give a f+ck about no haters ’cause i made it here with me
who was there inside the studio and grinding every week?
steady working on his craft, to catch some bodies with his piece
he was sick of going outside, roaming the streets
so he got himself a job to put some shoes on his feet
and he also got a mic, but he had to get usb
’cause interfaces expensive, yeah, you know how it be
i pick up the mic and start k!lling this sh+t
i’m an animal with it, i’m wicked with pens
i’m more than a couple of dynamite sticks
lil d+ck gang in this mo’f+ckin b+tch
who the f+ck gon’ stop me? prolly n0body, ’cause i am just so d+mn godly
i spit this sh+t straight from the heart, it burns my tongue like a taki
it’s lil dobbs reinvented, i’m spitting sh+t different ways
you can catch me on a board, on the top of all of these waves
i’m not afraid, i’m frankenstein with like+ triple the brains
i put my vocals to a beat, we compare ’em to hand grenades (boom)